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Top Creative Skills You Can Learn as a Graduate and Undergraduate in Nigeria

As an undergraduate and graduate in Nigeria, there are creative skills you can learn and earn extra income while working as a freelancer or a creative company. Back in the days, immediately after secondary school, parents do enrol their wards in a computer school to learn some basic skills such as computer operation, data processing, desktop publishing.

But as time goes by, the need to outsource job for the skills mentioned above has reduced because employers now give that task to an employee who have actually acquired that skills before getting a particular position. Hence, the knowledge of basic computer skills like computer operation is something an employer expect you should know how to do.

However, there are skills which needs more time before you can get to understand them. In this case, these skills required time and continuous practice for you to master them. As a result of the time consuming nature of some skills, employers are left with no other option than to hire a professional or freelancer who can easily take up that task.

Below are highlights of top creative skills you can learn in Nigeria and get yourself an extra income while doing it.