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Free training by Optimus Grafix on web design and graphic design

The lead designer of Optimus Grafix NG, Oladimeji Gabriel will train participants on a free web design and graphic design course as part of the plan of the design platform to contribute to the society through free ICT training.

The free skills acquisition training organized by the old students association of Sunfab College which happens to be the founder’s Alma mater set to train her outgoing students and other past student on basic skills such as photography, baking, make up artistry and web/graphic design.


Download free adjustable logo template for personal brand or business

Our team of creative designers have come up with a free and adjustable logo design template that is suitable for personal and/or business use.

A logo is a unique text or symbol which is used to identify a brand. A logo usually comes in different styles as desired by the client. The three most used style of a logo design are the text logo design also identified as WoodMark logo, icon logo design,  and/or the combination of both.

Download Free Logo Template - Optimus Grafix NG

Download Free Logo Template 1 – Optimus Grafix NG

A logo designer usually work with the design brief which helps him/her to identify the particular type of logo that would be suitable for a brand.  For example,  the information gathered from a design brief will determine whether the logo for the client should depicts nature, art, fashion, lifestyle, food etc.

Download Free Logo Template 2- Optimus Grafix NG

Download Free Logo Template 2- Optimus Grafix NG


If for instance,  a fashion store owner demands for a logo design: a professional logo designer will give a logo that clearly portrays the fashion industry.


Start your learning journey on these free and paid elearning website 1

Free learning platform

Free learning platform

Some years back, the adoption of online learning was not so popular among Africans who preferred to work and at the same time learn without going to any institutions of learning.

According to an expert, some of the reasons why online learning was not totally embraced in this part of the continent is simply because there are no available locally curated content that teaches something related to African topics such as courses on bead making, tye and dye, gele tying et al and the unavailability of cheap internet service that will aid online learning.

However, as a result of technology penetration in the African market, the use of smartphones and affordable internet service has made it easier for people to enrol for an online course and learn at the comfort of their home or office.Moreso, it should be noted that the adoption of online learning was further made interesting with the advent of both paid and free learning platform.

Here, we decided to highlight both top free and paid online learning platform where users can learn for a limited or unlimited period of time.
These online learning sites, also known as MOOC offers learners free courses while others demand payment from users before they can have access to the paid courses.


There are other platforms that also facilitate learning by allowing different people who wish to teach others to create courses for users to learn without payment.