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Free training by Optimus Grafix on web design and graphic design

The lead designer of Optimus Grafix NG, Oladimeji Gabriel will train participants on a free web design and graphic design course as part of the plan of the design platform to contribute to the society through free ICT training.

The free skills acquisition training organized by the old students association of Sunfab College which happens to be the founder’s Alma mater set to train her outgoing students and other past student on basic skills such as photography, baking, make up artistry and web/graphic design.


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Check out Android apps mostly used by smartphone users in Nigeria

Are you planning to purchase an Android smartphones and you are stuck with what type of applications would be suitable for you, then follow this article to know about some of the top apps users installed on their smartphones.

WhatsApp Messenger : with the introduction of the WhatsApp business app for small and medium enterprises, WhatsApp is said to be the leading Android applications found installed on virtually 90% of smartphones in Africa. It has recorded 90 million downloads. Users can easily send short or long messages to other contacts who have their phone numbers saved on their contact list.

Facebook: is a social media platform with 81 million users every single day. It can be accessed by individuals for personal use for sharing their thoughts through texts or pictures. Business owners also make use of this app to advertise and sell their products and services for customers who are in need of it.
For example, Optimus Grafix NG  offers creative design service to customers who are in need of graphic design, logo design, t-shirt design and wall art frame using a facebook page to interact with customers.
If you are a business person and you need to reach more buyers, all you need is to sign up for a free facebook page and create a personalized page for your business. Facebook also allows business owners to open an online shop.

Facebook Lite: As a result of too much data consumption, facebook Lite was introduced to users who are having problem with internet data subscription. With this app, all content such as picture has been compressed to enable users manage their data plan.

Facebook Messenger : It is no doubt facebook is a social media giant in the universe when it comes to bringing friends and family together. As a result of this, facebook introduces a separate messenger to its users who wish to have a private chat with their close ones or business associates. The facebook messenger enables its users to make video call and audio call.


Download free word processor application for editing your text document

Finding a good word processor to format/create your text document wherever you find yourself as a business person or student is something everyone is really looking forward to so as to reduce work load. Many software developers are coming up with amazing word processor program that will allow users manage document while on the go.

Aside Microsoft Word, which is no doubt the most utilized and popular word processor, there are now other word processing programs that enables you format text document and most of them can also be downloaded for free with little or no subscription plan.

In this article, we came up with a list of top five (5) best word processor applications that allows you create your text document both online and offline. (It should be noted that offline word processor allows user manage, edit or format text document without access to the internet.)

1. Microsoft Word: This is a popular word processor program developed by Microsoft. The program works on multiple platforms such as Android smartphones, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows.
Microsoft word allows users to create, edit, format text document and share files online with the available Cloud storage. A review on their google play store states that,

“ …..It enables you to read your pdfs and e-books while travelling….make impactful text documents, scripts, blogs, write-ups, or resumes. Customize your document, letter, resume, or your notes your way with robust tools that enable you to accomplish your best writing with the best format options….”

Microsoft in this way has been developed in such a way that different type of users can create text document without professional training. It is available for download on Android platforms and other operating system. Check Microsoft website for more reviews and download.


Start your learning journey on these free and paid elearning website 1

Free learning platform

Free learning platform

Some years back, the adoption of online learning was not so popular among Africans who preferred to work and at the same time learn without going to any institutions of learning.

According to an expert, some of the reasons why online learning was not totally embraced in this part of the continent is simply because there are no available locally curated content that teaches something related to African topics such as courses on bead making, tye and dye, gele tying et al and the unavailability of cheap internet service that will aid online learning.

However, as a result of technology penetration in the African market, the use of smartphones and affordable internet service has made it easier for people to enrol for an online course and learn at the comfort of their home or office.Moreso, it should be noted that the adoption of online learning was further made interesting with the advent of both paid and free learning platform.

Here, we decided to highlight both top free and paid online learning platform where users can learn for a limited or unlimited period of time.
These online learning sites, also known as MOOC offers learners free courses while others demand payment from users before they can have access to the paid courses.


There are other platforms that also facilitate learning by allowing different people who wish to teach others to create courses for users to learn without payment.


Corel draw environment 2

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Photoshop environment

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Microsoft Powerpoint Environment 2

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