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The creativity in Wizkid’s Partnership with Nike on new jersey

Nigerians are celebrating the creativity in Wizkid through the recent partnership with Nike on his new “Star boy” iconic Jersey officially released to the general public and sold out within 10 minutes.

Talking about brand identity, the Nigerian popular pop artist, Wizkid, leverage on the popularity of Nike to promote the star boy Jersey which was inspired by his root “Surulere”, a place on the mainland in Lagos, Nigeria.

Wizkid who happens to be among the models for the unveiling of Nigeria Jersey, which was rated as the most popular Jersey in the just concluded FIFA world cup in Russia, recently partner with Nike to launch his Star boy Jersey brand.

The Starboy Jersey which comes in a dark green and (more…)

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Top Creative Skills You Can Learn as a Graduate and Undergraduate in Nigeria

As an undergraduate and graduate in Nigeria, there are creative skills you can learn and earn extra income while working as a freelancer or a creative company. Back in the days, immediately after secondary school, parents do enrol their wards in a computer school to learn some basic skills such as computer operation, data processing, desktop publishing.

But as time goes by, the need to outsource job for the skills mentioned above has reduced because employers now give that task to an employee who have actually acquired that skills before getting a particular position. Hence, the knowledge of basic computer skills like computer operation is something an employer expect you should know how to do.

However, there are skills which needs more time before you can get to understand them. In this case, these skills required time and continuous practice for you to master them. As a result of the time consuming nature of some skills, employers are left with no other option than to hire a professional or freelancer who can easily take up that task.

Below are highlights of top creative skills you can learn in Nigeria and get yourself an extra income while doing it.


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How Nigerians can chase away hackers from their Facebook account

In this age of social media euphoria, it is essential Nigerians figure out how they can chase away hackers from their Facebook account. If you are the type that is very observant, you will easily notice how some Facebook accounts from Nigeria are falling victim of hackers every single day.

This hacking syndrome has been in existence since the beginning of the creation of the social media platform.

There are so many dos and donts that are readily available but the problem is that most users always neglect these simple rules, and the truth here is that we are all victims. Some of us believe since it is free to create another account, then hacking of one’s Facebook account is not a big deal.


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Free training by Optimus Grafix on web design and graphic design

The lead designer of Optimus Grafix NG, Oladimeji Gabriel will train participants on a free web design and graphic design course as part of the plan of the design platform to contribute to the society through free ICT training.

The free skills acquisition training organized by the old students association of Sunfab College which happens to be the founder’s Alma mater set to train her outgoing students and other past student on basic skills such as photography, baking, make up artistry and web/graphic design.


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How Sterling Bank’s Graphical Illustration Started the Bank War in Nigeria

There was a #BankWar trend on twitter which caught the “Nigerian Twitter Community” unaware as a result of an intentional shade from one of the banks operating in Nigeria. Sterling Bank of Nigeria purportedly share a tweet on its official twitter page claiming, indirectly, to be the go to bank that can help propel customers to their desired destination (moon).

The message was passed across through a graphical illustration. The graphic design shows a male on a skate board tagged with access back backward direction logo, the second image looks like the logo of GTBank with a man locked up in jail, this is definitely not out of the box but in the box. The third image identifies with First bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria. The illustration shows a boy sitting on the back of an elephant. How and when do you think someone riding on the back of an elephant will get to the moon? The last image also illustrate a boy riding on a horse aiming to reach the moon.

The sterling bank logo stands as the moon which other banks, analogically, the customers aim to reach.