What is word processing 1

What is Word Processing? This short animation tutorial is an introduction to word processing. In this topic, users are required to make use of Microsoft Word as a guide to learning word processing. In a short period, you will a. Get to know what a word processor or word processing Read more…

What is Presentation 1

This short animation tutorial is an introduction to presentation.In this topic, users are required to make use of Microsoft PowerPoint as a guide to learning presentation. In a short period, you will a. Get to know what a presentation program is. b. Understand what it is mainly used for c. Read more…

What Computer is not

What Computer Is Not? ABOUT THIS TOPIC This short animation tutorial is a comprehensive and insightful introductory approach on the misconception about computer as a discipline. Are you in the category of people who still believe that unicorn exists, if true, then it is true that you might still believe Read more…


A letterhead is a sheet of paper that contains a company’s name, addresses, logo and other vital informations usually for an official purpose. A company use a letterhead to make their business have a professional outlook.

Whether a business like it or not, a letterhead is essential for a small business owner that aspires to reach a greater heights, with the exception of micro business owner such as the ugwu seller, food seller, coffee store etc. which does not necessarily need a letterhead.

As a small business enterprise that provides services or manufacture goods in large quantities, you might consider getting a business letterhead. You never can tell when a bigger company will need your goods/services.

Is a letterhead really necessary in order to transact business with another big company?

A Case Study: Adio, The Shoemaker.
Adio is a popular shoemaker in one of the busy streets in Apapa. He is known for making sophisticated shoes and sandals for all the big guys in the area.



Free CV template

Download free CV template | Optimus Grafix

Did you know that one of the reasons 5% of job applicants get their dream job in Nigeria is because of a well structured CV. Now you know!.  CV is the first impression that matters when it comes to looking for jobs in Nigeria. CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a summary of your academic and work history.

It is a known fact that the search for job in Nigeria is increasing day by day, thereby making it more difficult for human resources department in the country to select suitable applicants for the few jobs that are available.


According to a report on unemployment rate by the National Bureau of Statistics, 7.53 million of Nigeria’s labour force are living without jobs. Out of the figures mentioned above, it is expected that 55% are mainly young graduates. One of the reasons some job applications are rejected started from a poorly written Curriculum Vitae.


Why You need to advertise your small business in Nigeria

Handbill design by Optimus Grafix

Handbill design by Optimus Grafix

Many small business owners in Nigeria do not always go for advertising their products/services, either online or offline with a special design targeted at their already existing customers or potential client for reasons best known to them.

Some share the opinion that it is more expensive, while there are those who see it as an irrelevant business strategy because they have been using online advertising platform such as the popular facebook ad or the simplest and common one which is the “word of mouth.”

It is no doubt that social media channels such as twitter, facebook, instagram, YouTube…are important platform for advertising your product/service but the importance of offline advertising is something that should not be ignored. Everything comes with its own benefits.


#1 Client

A Lagos based hair stylist was once approached by one of our creative designers and was advised to try a flyer design for his brand in order to reach more customers. Because this business person was not that familiar with the significance of brand marketing and business strategy, the idea of advertising with a flyer design was rejected.