Hiring a photographer is no longer a big deal for companies because there are now websites where Nigerian designers can easily get free images for their design project or even for personal use.

This free photo shared on this online picture gallery comes from different professional photographers who wish to share their work with others.

Apart from the fact that these websites offer free picture download, it also offer premium based picture for users who wish to get full access to either high quality pictures or unlimited download access.

In this post, you will get to know some of the platforms that gives users access to free pictures captured by some top photographer across the globe.


This is a website that share free photography for users who wish to use it for personal or business purpose. According to the website, it has billions of free stock photos available for free as shared by 70,000 photographers from different parts of the world. As a photographer you can upload the pictures you capture on the platform and other users can also download these pictures.
To view more photos visit their website


This is one of the free picture platforms for organizations that allows users to download pictures for use. It enables individuals or business owners get access to high quality images. There are different type of picture format available such as PNG, JPG, VECTOR/ILLUSTRATION.
Like unsplash, pixabay also gives photographers the ability to freely upload their photos on the platform.


This is another website where you can get free stock images for your business or personal use. Pixels work with other photo download platform like pixabay and unsplash to make the download of such pictures easily available for its users. It was reported that it has the collection of high resolution pictures as gathered from other sources.


According to their website, it is said that they are “…the world’s quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures…”
This free photo download gallery provides free high quality images for use on any of your platform. It was founded by Ryan McGuire, a graphic and web designer.

IM Free:

This platform provides image and other resources that individuals or firms can use for their website. On the platform all categories of resources available are separated for easy access. They includes sections for website template, icons, pictures et al.

The section “IM free” is a part of IM creator where users can download pictures, while IM creator is a tool that allows users to create blogs, website, and online store using the html5 programming language.