As an undergraduate and graduate in Nigeria, there are creative skills you can learn and earn extra income while working as a freelancer or a creative company. Back in the days, immediately after secondary school, parents do enrol their wards in a computer school to learn some basic skills such as computer operation, data processing, desktop publishing.

But as time goes by, the need to outsource job for the skills mentioned above has reduced because employers now give that task to an employee who have actually acquired that skills before getting a particular position. Hence, the knowledge of basic computer skills like computer operation is something an employer expect you should know how to do.

However, there are skills which needs more time before you can get to understand them. In this case, these skills required time and continuous practice for you to master them. As a result of the time consuming nature of some skills, employers are left with no other option than to hire a professional or freelancer who can easily take up that task.

Below are highlights of top creative skills you can learn in Nigeria and get yourself an extra income while doing it.

1. Web design:

There are many companies out there in need of an online presence through the world wide web. In this case, business owners will pay the required amount to a web designer for the development of a business website. As a web designer you create website for clients using tools such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver or WordPress.
For you to start as a web designer, it is important you have the knowledge of basic programming language such as html, css, JavaScript and probably php.
As a beginner, you can learn how to create website from our free online learning platform Optimus Academy.

2. User Interface / User Experience Design

Gone are the days when people browse through old fashioned and frustrating webpages and applications. In order to increase usability and functionality of a software application and website, firms hire UI/UX designer to map out simple and beautiful apps and webpages for easy navigation.

This design career is good for creative minds who can study and come out with how people think when using a particular platform.
For you to master this skills, you will need to understand a prototyping/wireframes application and some programming languages like python, html, css and JavaScript.

3. Graphic Design

This is one of the most requested skills in Nigeria that could earn you money when you venture into it. There are companies out there wanting to market or communicate their products/services through well designed flyers, banners, letterhead, custom envelope, identity card and many more.

In this creative career, it is easier to work as a freelance graphic designer or work for a design agency. All you need to start as a graphic designer is a laptop or desktop computer with high specifications installed with design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel draw or InDesign.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate and you wish to learn how to create graphic design, start here

4.  Animation

There are now digital artist  in circulation creating 2D and 3D animation for companies who need them for short film, advert and movies. Animators use special animation software to add effects to a piece of artistic work as mentioned above.

It is one of the skills demanded in creative studios and film production companies in Nigeria. To become an animator, you will need to understand the following applications:
Photoshop, Cinema 4d, 3d Max, Blender, Maya etc.

5. Photography

People love keeping memory of themselves and event around them and there are companies who also hire or employ photographers to capture important moments such as conference, event, product and documentaries. Entertainers also pay considerable amount of money to get nice photos likewise individuals who just like to get pictures for events such like wedding, birthday, graduation etc.

The opportunities available in photography is somewhat complex and a lot of Nigerians are entering this space just to carve a niche for themselves. To become a photographer, you will need to learn the art of photography which includes how to handle camera, take shots and many more.

The skills also requires you to know how to use softwares like Adobe Photoshop for picture editing after taking shots.

6. Video Editing

Editors work with camera men to produce final footage captured during an event using some technical software. As a result of the tedious process involved in bringing out final project, producers are always looking for creative and competent video editor to edit videos.

To become a video editor, you must have knowledge of video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect and probably Adobe Photoshop.

7. Fashion Design

This area is another trending creative skills that people always patronise especially in Nigeria where fashion is an important part of us. With a fine skill in fashion design, you can work as an independent fashion stylist and employ people to do the sewing of clothes and accessories.

However, as a fashion designer, you come up with beautify styles which is illustrated on a sketch pad and/or an illustrator software. In this case, a fashion designer should know how to draw and use illustrator package like Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw.

If you are an undergraduate/graduate, and you wish to learn new basic skills such as web design and graphic design,  go to our academy to enrol for a one-one-one/group training or learn online for free.