In this age of social media euphoria, it is essential Nigerians figure out how they can chase away hackers from their Facebook account. If you are the type that is very observant, you will easily notice how some Facebook accounts from Nigeria are falling victim of hackers every single day.

This hacking syndrome has been in existence since the beginning of the creation of the social media platform.

There are so many dos and donts that are readily available but the problem is that most users always neglect these simple rules, and the truth here is that we are all victims. Some of us believe since it is free to create another account, then hacking of one’s Facebook account is not a big deal.

It might be a big deal when these hackers start posting hardcore pictures on your wall or soliciting private information from friends who are not aware of the fact that they are actually sending private information to the wrong person.

In this post, you will get to identify how you can protect your Facebook account from hackers.

1. Create a Strong Facebook Password

A strong password entails longer characters which should include alphabets, numbers and special symbols. The combination of these characters would make it impossible for hacker’s to easily get access to your Facebook account.

Also, whenever you get the hint that your account has been tampered with, change your password immediately and carefully follow instructions given by the Facebook developer team.

To change your password,
Go to Account Setting = Click on Security and Login = Change Password

It is important to note that your Facebook password must not be similar to other online accounts such as twitter, snap chat, Instagram or email address. Users should also avoid saving their password on public devices such as the computers in cyber cafes.

2. Avoid Dubious Links:

One of the few reasons many users leaked there personal details, as stated during the Facebook/CambridgeAnalytical scandal for the manipulation of the United States of America election, was as a result of users clicking through links which comes in form of a game or app.

There are so many hackers online looking for preys that will step into their trap. One of the ways in which they can achieve their aim is through monetary reward for participating in an unrecognized online competition or games. These hackers usually send malicious links that will direct you to fake sites, and unknown to users, they also collect their private information such as username and password.

Hence, to protect your account, do not click on any link that promise you what looks too good to be true. If a site promise you free gifts or money that you didn’t work for, then you should suspect that site. To save yourself the embarrassing moment experienced by other victims, ignore the temptation to click any unverified links.

3. Log Out After Every Facebook Session:

This is another unsuspecting means in which some of the Facebook accounts get hacked. Most users usually ignore this part when using Facebook.
According to our recent research conducted based on an interaction with some Facebook users, we found out that ninety percent 90% of Nigerians who use Facebook do not always log out. They prefer the “remember me” or “keep me logged in” feature made available at the login page.

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If you keep your Facebook account “logged in” every single day, there is a tendency that you will loose your account to unforgiving hackers. For you not to loose the account this way, always unchecked the “keep me logged in” box and follow the normal log in process when next you want to use Facebook.

4. Allow Facebook Confirm Your Phone Number:

Another not too hard way to keep hackers away from your account is by allowing Facebook confirm your personal phone number. In order for you to allow Facebook secure your account, there is a feature which confirms your mobile number for security reasons. It will enable you retrieve your password whenever you forget or loose it.

In this case, a text message will be sent to the phone number containing a custom link made specifically for you to be able to access your account and change your password.
You can add your number with this simple steps

Go to
Account Settings = personal information  = add phone number