There was a #BankWar trend on twitter which caught the “Nigerian Twitter Community” unaware as a result of an intentional shade from one of the banks operating in Nigeria. Sterling Bank of Nigeria purportedly share a tweet on its official twitter page claiming, indirectly, to be the go to bank that can help propel customers to their desired destination (moon).

The message was passed across through a graphical illustration. The graphic design shows a male on a skate board tagged with access back backward direction logo, the second image looks like the logo of GTBank with a man locked up in jail, this is definitely not out of the box but in the box. The third image identifies with First bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria. The illustration shows a boy sitting on the back of an elephant. How and when do you think someone riding on the back of an elephant will get to the moon? The last image also illustrate a boy riding on a horse aiming to reach the moon.

The sterling bank logo stands as the moon which other banks, analogically, the customers aim to reach.

This is no doubt shaking the table at the highest order as other banks who were probably caught unaware took to their twitter page to fire back by throwing different tables targeted at Sterling bank.

Looking at the twitter bank war, you might say its a deliberate action from the bank which started it to create some kind of awareness to their product/service. This is also another opportunity for the targeted banks to share in the publicity.

However, we expected that the responses to the war tweet from Sterling bank should have come with another graphical Illustration instead of the normal response that make it sound like “curse me I curse you.” Since GTBank and other banks are yet to respond, we hope they do so with an astonishing illustration and the fun continues.

This type of shading is common among Telecommunications companies in Nigeria but the banks took it to another level. In advertising, this path has been trodden by the biggest brands in the world, especially in a case where the competition and the fight for audience/customer is  great.

Nigeria is a country with one of the largest populations in Africa, and a market place with lot of investors. Despite the fact that the market is large, it is very clear that companies still have some section of the market audience who have not really utilize a product or have a better taste of the services provided by these companies, hence there are bound to be an image tarnishing advertisement. Just like the old saying goes, “….No publicity is a bad publicity.”

Check out how the war started below:

The Genesis

sterling bank war optimus grafix ng

Responses: Access Bank, First Bank,  Union Bank