Aside editing text document with a word processor software like Microsoft Word, it is also useful to have a PDF reader application installed on your smartphone for you to be able to read text or e-books. One of the reasons while most readers make use of a PDF reader application is to enable them read books or articles smoothly and efficiently without any unnecessary pop ups, as noticed when using a word processor, which normally bring the edit bar/options while reading.

PDF reader

PDF reader

In this article, you will find some of the top seven (7) free PDF reader that will make your reading enjoyable. They are as follows:

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader : This is one of the oldest and popular PDF reader among e-book readers all over the world based on the downloads and reviews on Google Play Store. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is mainly used for viewing PDF files. The recent version of the application comes with some essential features such as Dropbox support and the ability to store and view document offline.
It should be noted that the application has both free and paid version. The free version have limited features unlike the paid version which enables users to easily convert PDF files to other file format e.g Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel etc.

2. WPS Office: This Android application is an all-in-one document editor mobile app, that is, it enables user to work on other text format like Word processing, presentation and excel. It can also be used to view PDF files.
Its user interface is one of the smoothest and simplest among other similar apps. It allows you to easily view, store and share PDF files anytime on email, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp. The app also enable users to scan physical paper into document into PDF.

3. Office Suites: This PDF reader is similar to WPS office because it can also be used to perform different office functions. As a result of the 125 million downloads and positive reviews on Google Play, it has received a lot of recognitions and Awards. They includes the google play editors choice, info world’s top mobile office, Life hacker’s best Android office app, PC May editors choice award.
Office suite can easily be used to view PDF files which also enables you to chat with colleagues or friends and share PDF files by signing up with your phone number.

4. Polaris Office: This one of the Android PDF reader with the editors choice award and top developer award from Google. The Polaris office is noted for its smooth navigation on Android phones. The app allows users to view PDF files and also save other file format as PDF.

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5. Cam Scanner: This is one of the best choice among PDF readers notably academician and /corporate business owners. It has some functionalities that makes it stand out from other PDF readers. The app allows user to scan physical document such as textbook, note book, newspaper, certificate, etc and instantly convert it to a PDF file. The application is available for free download with virtually all the important features. However, in order to enjoy some other little functionalities, users will have to subscribe to the full package.

6. E-book Droid: This is the oldest and free PDF reader available for reading online books. It supports document with file extension such as .xps, .djvu, .epub, .mobi, and many more.

7. Google PDF Viewer: This is one of the PDF viewer created by google Inc. It is integrated with the popular google drive and comes pre-installed with Android phones. Users of the app can search for words and phrase directly on the PDF file viewer.