Nigerians from different areas of life have made known their opinion and suggestion on the newly introduced national carrier called “Nigeria Air.” The carrier has not been in operation for the past fifteen (15) years. On Wednesday, 18th of July, President Muhammadu Buhari launch the rebranded airline now called “Nigeria Air”, which was formerly called Nigeria Airline. The unveiling was done at an Air Show in Farborough, London.

The rebranding comes with the change in Logo and name. The logo is a unique design with a white and green colour in the form of a waving flying flag. The tagline for the new airline reads, “Bringing Nigeria closer to the world.”

The revamped airline is said to start its operation in December, 2018 starting with 81 routes both locally and internationally.

Optimus Grafix engaged some Nigerians who air their opinion on the impact of the New airline to the citizen and the economy of the country. While some were not convinced that the rebranded airline will yield any positive result, others were pitching their tent on the fact that it will further strengthen the air transport system.

Here are some of the reactionss below as garnered through one-on-one interview and posts on social media.

Bamijoko Alice – Event Planner

Well, the re-introduction of the Nigeria Air is good but I hope it is properly managed.

Henri Alimi – Business man

I heard about the unveiling, let’s wait till it starts to operate and then we can start reviewing. Anyways, I love the new logo.

Hakeem Gbadebo – Artisan

How does the common man on the street benefit from it. We just know that it is this big men that will enjoy it most.

James Achiboy – Consultant

Let the government come up with good policies because without that, we might go back to the days where we don’t have a Nigeria branded airline.

Jubril Salman – Realtor

The new name is much more attractive. It is OK. Let’s see how the re-branding impact the airline positively.

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