Yay! It is a new month and we are gradually moving towards the end of the year. In this month of July,  we bring to you 10 powerful motivational quotes that will keep you going.   It is no doubt a lot of good and bad things happened in the previous months,  alas! that is how our world has been structured. We have the good,  bad, ugly, beautiful, sweet and bitter experiences.

10 powerful motivational quotes for the month of July

All these are the reasons why we are human and are bound to face things like this. In this post,  we gather some inspiring and notable quotes from thinkers around the universe who had interpreted their experiences to further help humanity into achieving their purpose here on earth.

These quotes are short but witty words with the power to inspire you to greatness starting from this month of July. The 10 quotes for July are embedded in a PDF file which is available for download.


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