Our team of creative designers have come up with a free and adjustable logo design template that is suitable for personal and/or business use.

A logo is a unique text or symbol which is used to identify a brand. A logo usually comes in different styles as desired by the client. The three most used style of a logo design are the text logo design also identified as WoodMark logo, icon logo design,  and/or the combination of both.

Download Free Logo Template - Optimus Grafix NG

Download Free Logo Template 1 – Optimus Grafix NG

A logo designer usually work with the design brief which helps him/her to identify the particular type of logo that would be suitable for a brand.  For example,  the information gathered from a design brief will determine whether the logo for the client should depicts nature, art, fashion, lifestyle, food etc.

Download Free Logo Template 2- Optimus Grafix NG

Download Free Logo Template 2- Optimus Grafix NG


If for instance,  a fashion store owner demands for a logo design: a professional logo designer will give a logo that clearly portrays the fashion industry.

A logo is as important as the business itself because it is the first thing that the people identify before recognising every other things related to the business. Hence,  it is important to work with a creative logo designer who will curate a unique logo that will stand the test of time.

Download Free Logo Template 3- Optimus Grafix NG

Download Free Logo Template 3- Optimus Grafix NG

This logo template serves as an inspiration for brand with no logo for theit business. It is adjustable and free.

File Description

a. Design Software: Corel Draw x3

The design content has been converted to a smart object.  Right-Click on your mouse to make the content editable.

b. The file  has been compressed to a .zip file extension.

c.  After download, press right-click to extract the Corel Draw format to your desired computer desktop.

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