Are you planning to purchase an Android smartphones and you are stuck with what type of applications would be suitable for you, then follow this article to know about some of the top apps users installed on their smartphones.

WhatsApp Messenger : with the introduction of the WhatsApp business app for small and medium enterprises, WhatsApp is said to be the leading Android applications found installed on virtually 90% of smartphones in Africa. It has recorded 90 million downloads. Users can easily send short or long messages to other contacts who have their phone numbers saved on their contact list.

Facebook: is a social media platform with 81 million users every single day. It can be accessed by individuals for personal use for sharing their thoughts through texts or pictures. Business owners also make use of this app to advertise and sell their products and services for customers who are in need of it.
For example, Optimus Grafix NG  offers creative design service to customers who are in need of graphic design, logo design, t-shirt design and wall art frame using a facebook page to interact with customers.
If you are a business person and you need to reach more buyers, all you need is to sign up for a free facebook page and create a personalized page for your business. Facebook also allows business owners to open an online shop.

Facebook Lite: As a result of too much data consumption, facebook Lite was introduced to users who are having problem with internet data subscription. With this app, all content such as picture has been compressed to enable users manage their data plan.

Facebook Messenger : It is no doubt facebook is a social media giant in the universe when it comes to bringing friends and family together. As a result of this, facebook introduces a separate messenger to its users who wish to have a private chat with their close ones or business associates. The facebook messenger enables its users to make video call and audio call.

Instagram: This is a photo-sharing platform available for individuals, business owners and celebrities. This platform enables users to upload and share pictures or short videos to their followers.

Twitter: This social media platform is similar to facebook but it only allows users to post short message known as “tweets” to it followers. The twitter users can now tweet characters of 280 characters, unlike when the users were allowed to use 140 characters.
Apart from posting a public post, a direct message is allowed between two users who follows each other.
Note: the users with the largest follower according to a recent research from one of our social media team:

Katy Perry – 109.6m
Justin Beiber – 106.5m
BarrackObama  – 103.1m

In Nigeria,

Wizkid – 4.2m
Channelstv – 3m
Don Jazzy  – 2.8m

Twitter can be used for personal brand and business to reach out to client and engage them. You too can start with it and carve a niche for use by using it to promote yourself or business.  It is a free app that comes pre-installed on your Android smartphones.

SnapChat: known as a video/image filter and sharing platform widely utilized by entertainers of different category. It was invented by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. Users can use the snapchat application to share short time filtered video or photo to its followers before it will later disappear and become inaccessible. It was formally called “Picaboo”

LinkedIn: This is a social networking and business platform for professional and skilled personnel. Users can register on LinkedIn to get professional network and also apply for jobs.  The platform enables employees meet employers. In other words, with LinkedIn, employers post available jobs in their company on their LinkedIn page while interested applicants can also use the platform to apply for jobs. For users to stand the chance of been selected, the profile of such users must be  updated with relevant technical and soft skills.

Google Chrome: This is a web browser developed by google Inc. It enables users to browse different web pages. Users can easily save webpages and download files online. However, it should be noted that the users must have internet connection before the google Chrome app can process the information sent by the users.

Dropbox: a data storage application which enables users to store different file type directly on the servers of the host. Dropbox users can easily store their files with the free version which gives it users limited storage space.

GTbank :This is one of the leading banks in Nigeria.  Many bank users embraced Guaranty Trust Bank because of its use of technology to ease banking.  According to our findings,  they make it easier for people to do anything banking from their comfort zone with the introduction of mobile banking apps.

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