As a beginner, before you begin writing your first code, there are important steps to follow so as to start on a good note. Coding involves writing computer language different from the normal language. This language also known as programming language can only be interpreted by a computer and it peripherals. In computing, software developers, web designers, hackers etc write codes to create websites, softwares, apps, robots etc

Learning how to write computer codes has empowered many into becoming a good app or web developer and some coders have been able to create a unique and multi billion dollars technology platform known all over the world. For example, The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate, Founder of Microsoft…..
Are you a newbie when it comes to coding? In this beginner’s topic, you will get to
a. Know some background information about coding
b. Identify the text editor involved in writing your first code
c. A short history of html
d. Test your skills

Who can learn?
College Students

How To Learn?
Click the video below to start learning. After watching the video tutorial, scroll down to test your knowledge base on the video tutorial you have seen.

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