In the previous topic of the course (Computer Introduction) you learnt what computer is not and some of the myths associated with computer.

As we all know now, Computer is something we interact with every single day starting from the simplest like your calculator, digital watch and to the advanced form of computer like the notebooks, smartphones, etc.

Computer in this way has been described as a device that involves receiving, processing and storing of information. It is a useful tool utilized in the society to serve different purpose. In other words, computers can be found in every sector of the society to assist in the day-to-day activities and to ensure the development of a nation.

Hence, it should be noted that in order to make use of the computer, it is important to know what a computer is (theoretical aspect) and how it works (practical).

In this topic, you will be introduced to the theoretical aspect of computer.

With this short and insightful topic, you will be able to

a. Know what a computer is
b. Describe different type of computer
c. Test your skills

Who can learn?

-College Students

How To Learn?

Click the video below to start learning. After watching the video tutorial, scroll down to test your knowledge base on the video tutorial you have seen.

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