A letterhead is a sheet of paper that contains a company’s name, addresses, logo and other vital informations usually for an official purpose. A company use a letterhead to make their business have a professional outlook.

Whether a business like it or not, a letterhead is essential for a small business owner that aspires to reach a greater heights, with the exception of micro business owner such as the ugwu seller, food seller, coffee store etc. which does not necessarily need a letterhead.

As a small business enterprise that provides services or manufacture goods in large quantities, you might consider getting a business letterhead. You never can tell when a bigger company will need your goods/services.

Is a letterhead really necessary in order to transact business with another big company?

A Case Study: Adio, The Shoemaker.
Adio is a popular shoemaker in one of the busy streets in Apapa. He is known for making sophisticated shoes and sandals for all the big guys in the area.

Adio is no doubt a gifted shoemaker, however, talent is not enough in the world where different innovative and creative idea is always coming as a result of internet and technology. There are some basic things a brand needs to consider in order to fulfil the rule of relevancy in the market where there are a lot of competition.

Branding determine how long a business will continue to stay in the market. A business with the proper branding skills will not only give the business a good image, it will also make people identify something unique with the brand.

The type of packaging Adio inculcated in his business is the type that only attracts the customer in his area, thereby neglecting the fact that there are more customers out there who could pay more.

For instance, there was this popular story scooped from one of Adio’s clients about an Abuja based business man who offer a mouth-watering deal.

The story goes that Adio was approached by a leading shoe manufacturer located in the FCT (Federal Capital Territory) to make in large quantities, one of the beautiful shoes admired by this big business man.

It was revealed that Adio could not make it to Abuja, the place where the company is located to finalise the deal, but was asked to send a quotation stating the monetary cost for further negotiation.

Adio had to send SMS because he felt the man only needs figures. Meanwhile, the number given to him was that of the chief procurement officer of the company. To cut the story short, Adio did not get feedback from the company and that was how he lost his first deal. There are so many Adios out there who neglect the essence of branding to there small business.

The deal was lost because the procurement officer could not identify the so called quotation with a recognised company in the country.
Imagine what would have happen if Adio had sent the quotation with a letterhead showing his company name, shop address, phone number and a logo.

In a summary, here are two things a letterhead does to your small business:

1. It gives the impression that your business is a big one:

If Adio had sent the quotation with a letterhead, the procurement officer would have had the conviction that they are dealing with a reliable company.

2. It shows you are a professional:

A well designed letterhead gives the feeling that the company is working with professionals. The procurement officer in the case of Adio, the shoemaker, probably thought the person who sent the quotation without a letterhead is a starter, even though Adio had enough portfolio to refute the assumption above.

Having been in the creative design industry, Optimus Grafix NG have done some letterhead design for both small and medium enterprises. As a result of reviews and testimonials from our clients, these design portrays their brand to a large amount of customers and prospective clients.

Are you a small business owner? check below a letterhead design template for personal use.
1. Format: CDR (Corel Draw X4 and above)
2. Right click text to unlock image
3. Change colour and shape to suit your needs.

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