Handbill design by Optimus Grafix

Handbill design by Optimus Grafix

Many small business owners in Nigeria do not always go for advertising their products/services, either online or offline with a special design targeted at their already existing customers or potential client for reasons best known to them.

Some share the opinion that it is more expensive, while there are those who see it as an irrelevant business strategy because they have been using online advertising platform such as the popular facebook ad or the simplest and common one which is the “word of mouth.”

It is no doubt that social media channels such as twitter, facebook, instagram, YouTube…are important platform for advertising your product/service but the importance of offline advertising is something that should not be ignored. Everything comes with its own benefits.


#1 Client

A Lagos based hair stylist was once approached by one of our creative designers and was advised to try a flyer design for his brand in order to reach more customers. Because this business person was not that familiar with the significance of brand marketing and business strategy, the idea of advertising with a flyer design was rejected.

#2 Client

A similar business person in the same locality who happens to be a beautician was also approached and convinced to make use of a well crafted graphic design and the response was great within a week.

This client order a flyer design that will be printed and uploaded on social media pages,  thereby reaching her client both online and offline.

At the end of the advert campaign, this client was able to:

A. Reach potential customers: As a result of street distribution and in-store distribution of flyers, customers were able to locate his small shop and get trending hairstyles. With the online campaign, notably on social media, customers who could not locate the business address had to call for home service.

B.  The design ordered also show the creativity of the hairstylist because some of the recent work done in her beauty salon was properly displayed on the flyer design which was posted on the social media platform.

At Optimus Grafix NG it is easier to get creative design for your business from the comfort of your home or office with just few clicks.

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